Windblight Ganon

Windblight Ganon is said to be one of the easier Divine Beast battles but if you aren’t prepared he can still give you quite the challenge. That being said stock up on some aditional arrows. (Bomb arrows work exceptionally well.) In the first phase of the battle Waterblight Ganon hovers above the battlefield firing his wind cannon at you and occasionally throwing a tornado your way. Both of these attacks can be easily avoided so just keep on the move firing bomb arrows whenever you get the chance. There are wind tunnels on the battlefield you can use to shoot some arrows from the sky slowing time as well. Continue attacking until Windblight Ganon is at half of his original health.

During the second phase Windblight Ganon will release a few reflector rockets on to the battlefield that will launch a barrage of beams your way. Whenever you see the rockets bloom and connect run away to avoid the attack. Using the same method of attack continue to lower his health and stay on the move to avoid taking damage. In the final stage of the battle Windblight Ganon will lock on to you with the red beam but this attack can easily be blocked by standing behind the main control panel for the Devine Beast. Take out Windblight Ganon with your last couple attacks and enjoy your heart container!

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