Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight Ganon seems to give every one a lot of issues and is claimed by some to be the most difficult of the Devine Beast Ganon battles. Not for me though it was Waterblight Ganon… I hate him. Anyways lets just make sure we are prepared before we walk into battle. First make sure you have a couple decent one handed weapons and at least two decent wooden shields as well. Having any boost on resistance to electricity cant hurt here either and make sure you cook up some good dishes.

Once you begin the battle don’t get thrown off by Thunderblight Ganon’s speed  just keep your shield up and keep him in your sights. He will launch balls of electricity at you but these are very easy to avoid as they are really slow, so just move away and keep your attention on Thunderblight Ganon. The attack you need to be aware of is when he dashes across the room in a zig-zag motion towards you and attacks with his sword. This is why we keep our shield out the entire battle just as Thunderblight Ganon goes in for the attack parry giving yourself a chance to throw a barrage of attacks against him. You will need to break his shield and continue attacking throwing him to the ground allowing you to strike again. Repeat this a couple times until Thunderblight Ganon switches the battle up.

In this Phase of the battle Thunderblight Ganon electrifies his weapon and hovers above the battlefield out of reach. keep on the move while keeping an eye on him as he moves around a lot here. Thunderblight Ganon will launch metallic spikes into the ground and use them as lightning rods so give yourself a little distance. Use magnesis  to bring one of the spikes by Thunderblight Ganon shocking him to the ground.

Back on the battlefield Thunderblight Ganon reverts back to his original method of attack but note a couple differences. One he is launching his attacks more rapidly and his sword is still electrified, so pull out your wooden shield and revert back to the method we used in the begining of the battle. Use any items you may have to resist electric attacks and keep your health up to push through the end of the battle. As Thunderblight Ganon takes on more damage he will target you with the red beam to launch an attack but this can be avoided with the pillars around the battlefield. Using the same method finish off Thunderblight Ganon and collect your piece of heart!

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