Fireblight Ganon

Fireblight Ganon is really an easy boss to overcome as long as you are properly prepared. First head over to the shop in Zora’s Domain and buy all of the ice arrows because you will need every last one if you want to make this battle easy as possible. I would also recommend cooking a couple of decent dishes before we head over to fight Fireblight Ganon.

In the first half of the battle all you need to do is keep your distance from Fireblight Ganon, but stay locked on to him and fire away with your ice arrows. Make sure to stop firing and run when Fireblight Ganon throws a spray of fireballs at you.Continue this pattern until Fireblight Ganon is at half of his health then things switch up on you.

Fiireblight Ganon will now hover on the outside of the battlefield and pull in the air and rocks around him preparing to fire a massive fireball attack. This attack can easily be avoided by running behind one of the nearby pillars if necessary.While Fireblight Ganon draws in the air around him toss a bomb at him and he will pull the bomb to him. Detonate the bomb dealing damage as well as foiling his attacks. Fireblight  Ganon will eventually fall to the ground allowing you to run up and squeeze in a barrage of attacks with the weapon of your choice.

Fireblight Ganon will go back to following you around and throwing fireballs at you so just go back to dodging and firing away with more ice arrows. Eventually he will follow you with the red beam to fire a laser shot at you, but this attack can be easily avoided with the pillars and control panel to hide behind. At this points all you have to do is jump from your hiding spot and fire a few more arrows. Fireblight Ganon falls collect your Heart Container and get out of there!

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